Extra white space on my page

I recently created a new site, collecting some useful cheatsheets. But on the page regarding to topic of Markdown, a funny thing happened without giving me any clue of why. There was some empty space

About eval in Shell

The textbook says in bash scripting, eval plays a role that the expression comes after will be evaluated twice before the final execution. By saying evaluation, it means the variables begining with $

TCP 3-way Handshake

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) both work in the transportation layer. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol, while UDP is considered as a connectionless protocol

Expression vs. Statement

There are a lot of explanations online for distinguishing those two concepts. As in the answers of this question says, Expressions only contain identifiers, literals and operators, where operators i

Create a 2-dimensional Array in JavaScript

When I tried to create a two-dimensional array today, I surprisingly discovered that there is no built-in function which can help us to create two-dimensional array in JavaScript. I searched online an